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Throughout the year we get a number of customers looking for used tents. We offer this page for anyone who wants to sell their tent privately. Just give us your tent specs and contact information and we'll list it for you. 

Please note: With most of these you are not dealing with us. They are private listings.

* Prospector diesel heater w/exhaust and fuel line kit used once $800.00.  Call (403) 860-8177 or 

* 10' x 12' Deluxe wall tent frame, reg. $449.00. Used 5 days. Asking $300.00 FOB Edmonton.  Please call Ken (780) 457-1512 or 

 * 10' x 15' Waterloo Canvas spike tent, excellent condition.  All ropes and stakes inc.  5 windows, sewn in floor, custom heavy duty ground cloth, stovepipe vent all inc.  MSRP $2300.00, asking $1600.00 firm. Located in Ohio.  Please call Andy (740) 816-1802

* Norseman 14' x 16' prospector tent, 3 windows and fit for a woodstove. Like new, no poles $1000.00 contact Rick (587) 338-0520.

* Like new Outfitter TIPITENT, set up only once. 16' diameter, sleeps 10 - 12, can fit 4 cots w/gear and stove. Paid $1300 a couple of years ago including shipping.  Asking $800.00. Located in Yellville, AR. Please call (870) 656-7188 0r

*14' x 16' x 5', stove ring in back wall, no windows, flap door with ties, older tent but in good shape with 4 truss frame: $1200.00 sold

*12' x 14' x 5', stove ring in left front roof, window in right side wall, flap door with ties, good condition with 3 truss frame:  $1150.00 sold

* 14' x 16' x 5', stove pipe in left wall near front, 1 window in back, single zipper door, excellent condition with 4 truss frame:  $1500.00 sold

* Used once this season  a 14' x 17.5' x 5' wall tent with 4 truss frame. Contact Steve at for info. sold

* 14' x 16' x 5' Manta Tent used for 2 weeks this season only. Comes with 4 truss frame and wood stove including pipe. Asking $1500.00. Contact Ken or Norma at (250) 642-5761 or .sold

* 10' x 14' x 5' pictured below. Contact Sigfried at (250) 305-6368 or sold

* 12' x 14' x 4' Pioneer with frame $1000.00. 14' x 16' x 5' Manta with frame $1600.00. Call Richard (250) 246-3307. sold

* 12' x 14' x 5' wall tent and 4 truss frame $1300.00.  contact     *14' x 15' x 5' wall tent with 5' porch,  two doors and two windows including 5 truss frame $2000.00. sold

* 13' x 26' x 7' unique custom built wall tent with frame. This tent was ordered by a customer and the order fell through. The original cost was $4800.00 and is now listed at $3950.00. The tent isn't finished, but has 6 large 5' x 3' windows and a side door. The roof is vented with a raised roof cover which can be changed to a standard style roof if needed. Please call Deluxe Wall Tents at (250) 704-2534 for details, or e-mail . Click here for pictures.sold

* 12' x 14' x 5' Woods tent with pole kit, contact Shawn at (250) 715-7160 sold

* 16' x 23' Pioneer tent, $1000.00 OBO, (250) 748-4336 sold

* 10' x 12' x 5' wall tent, no windows, stove hole front left of door. Only used twice. Please email or call (250) 772-5606 or (250) 263-4691 sold

* Bedroll with slight cosmetic flaw. New cost $149.00. Sale price $99.00. sold

   12' x 15' x 5', window in back wall and stove hole in sidewall, tarp inc. with 4 truss frame, excellent shape $1499.00 sold

   12' x 20' x 5' with holes for porch frame, 2 windows, stove hole back wall, tarp inc. with 5 truss frame. Never used, new cost $2285.00, priced at $1849.00 sold 

   14' x 15' x 5' with 1 window in back wall and stove hole in sidewall, tarp inc. with 4 truss frame, new condition $1649.00 sold

   14' x 15' x 5', with 2 windows, stove hole in back wall with 4 truss frame, used one full season. $1599.00 sold

   14' x 16 x 5' with 2 windows and stove hole in back wall and 4 truss frame, one year old. $1699.00  sold

   16' x 20' x 6', window in back wall and stove hole in the roof, holes for porch extension, 5 truss frame, used one season $2249.00 sold

*  12' x 15' x 6' with 4 truss frame $1449.00, 14' x 16' x 6' with 4 truss frame $1499.00. Both tents have full length clear boat top glass sidewalls and stove hole in the back wall.  They were built for geologists who needed as much light as possible for studying samples.  Please call (250) 704-2534 or email  sold

* 12 X 14 treated wall tent c/w floor, 4ft walls plus frame. Tent has full screened front but zipper on one side needs to be fixed. Stove pipe hole out roof on front right side. very heavy canvas, no damage good condition. Tent weight  165 lbs .  Poles and angle kit stored in a poly canvas bag included.$1000.00 priced to sell fast you pay shipping. I will put on the bus you pay shipping,  Shipping within Sask  $43.50, Alberta/ BC approx. $88.15 - $ 108.51. Tent is in Nipawin Sask. Call Steve @ 306-862-4465 or e-mail  sold

* 10' x 12' with one window and mosquito netted door. Never used.  Please contact Frank at (403) 337-2470 or email .sold

* 16' x 20' x 4' x 8 1/2' peak with two stove jacks and no windows.  Click here for picture.  Asking $750.00 plus shipping from Mankato, MN.  Please contact Jim at (507) 995-3537 or .sold

* 14' x 16' x 5' tent with two windows and poles, $1400.00. Located in Vancouver. Contact Taylor JR. No phone, email .sold

* 14' x 16' x 5' x 9' peak Sierra model heavy canvas, 4 truss frame wit porch frame, window and stovehole in back wall. Brand new. $1500.00 please contact Harm (604) 888-3467 or .sold

* Near new Tipitent, 16 foot diameter, waterproof exterior, fire retardant interior. Single interior pole. outside guy rope system. Use with stove or open fire. It weighs only 35 lbs. It would be ideal for a base camp. Paid over $900.00 in March 2008, selling for $750.00 Contact Brian at (250) 772-5252 or email .sold

* For sale: Pioneer Brand Wall tent 16'6" x 14' x 4', 100% cotton, mildew resistant. Includes poles and ropes. Mint condition, asking $899.00 Contact # 250-0364-5669 sold  

* 12' x 15' wall tent, c/w 5' porch, 5 truss aluminum frame, wood stove and stovepipe. 3 years old and set up for a total of 15 days. Asking $1650.00 O.B.O. Please contact Gary (250) 367-6077 or .sold

* 12' x 14' x 5' canvas wall tent c/w 4 truss frame, rear window and stove vent in front left roof. Tent and frame are in excellent condition. Asking $1100.00. Please contact Tim at .sold

* 14' x 16' x 4' wall tent, please call Norm at (250) 392-2526 sold

* 14' x 16' x 5' wall tent, 4 truss frame, porch & frame, woodstove and stovepipe.  Call John @ (250) 319-9924.sold

* 14' x 20' x 5' Deluxe Wall Tent (no poles) rear window, Frontiersman stove (without piping). Purchased in 2004 used 1 weekend (never wet) slight damage repaired under warranty. $1000.00. sold

* Insulated 14' x 16' x 5' wall tent c/w 4 truss frame.  Double zip door, 2 windows, Heatmaster diesel stove, used 1 season. $2300.00.  Picture here.  Please contact sold

* 16' x 20' x 5' wall tent, 10' high frame, woodstove and pipes, floor, 2 tarps, 2 windows excellent condition, erected Aug. - Nov. 2009, asking $2000.00, call Nick (250) 710-9948sold

* 14' x 16' Deluxe wall tent with porch, asking $1500.00.  Please call Jerry at home (250) 385-2228 or cell (250) 896-7216 or contact sold. 

* 16' diameter Tipitent used a couple of times, asking $500.00.  Contact Cody at (403) 505-2798 or .sold

* 14' x 16' Deluxe wall tent with porch, Woodsman stove with pipe kit, floor and 6 XL roll a cots. Asking $3000.00. Please call Bryce at (250) 927-2925 or email . sold

* 12' x 14' x 5' Norseman tent, used 3 times, Thunder Bay, ON. Call Harold (807) 475-8774 or email . sold

* 14' x 17.5' Deluxe wall tent w/porch, 2 doors & windows, used a few times, in good shape, includes stove & pipe, 2 heavy duty tarps and carpet for floor.  asking $1400.00, contact . sold

* 12' x 14' x 5' wall tent, used twice, stove jack right rear wall, 4 truss frame w/porch extension, camo tarp, hunter stove & pipe.  $1500.00 w/stove, $1400.00 without, contact John (250) 692-3138 or .sold

* 10' x 12' wall tent w/window & stove jack in rear of tent. Was used 8 days only. Will sell w/ frame $1375.00 or without $800.00. Call Gord @ (250) 478-0206.

* Two 12' x 14' x 5' Deluxe model wall tents w/4 truss frames, pic here.  $1400.00 ea. o.b.o, all reasonable offers considered.  Can include stove and pipe for an additional fee.  Please contact Kelly at (780) 722-0243 or .sold

* Brand new army tent, 16.5 x 16.5 x 6' walls x 10' peak.  Comes w/metal frame and pegs.  New, never set up, asking $1200.00. Please call Roger  (306) 929-3310 or . Lives near Prince Albert, SK and can help w/delivery.sold

* two experienced wall tents, 10' x 12' x 4',  pic here, $350.00 for tent or $750.00 with aluminum frame and 14' x 14' x 4', pic here, $400.00 for tent or $900.00 with aluminum frame. sold  Please call Dave at (306) 278-3023 0r .

* Trekker diesel heater with stovepipe, pic here, asking $400.00.  Please email  sold

* 12' x 20' custom Deluxe wall tent with 2 windows,  inc. heavy duty tarp, lightly used, excellent condition $1050.00, 5 truss frame available $650.00.  Located in Victoria, B.C. .sold

* 12' x 14' x 5' Deluxe wall tent w/ porch. 1window, stove jack in back wall.  New condition. Asking $1500.00.  Please call Kevin (403) 820-2001sold.

* 14' x 16' wall tent, excellent condition, poles, stove and stovepipe, 2 windows, zipper door, floor, tarps & extras.  $1300.00 or call Diane (250) 748-4223 sold

* Woods Prospector 12' x 14' x 8' x 5' wall tent - 100% cotton - floor flaps - tie door & window - stovepipe receiver - used 1 season on wood floor - adjustable steel ridgepole frame. $1200.00 FOB Nelson, B.C. (250) 352-2629sold

* Prospector wall tent 14' x 16' x 4' , no frame, floor, stovepipe, and mosquito mesh front door. $1200.00. Please contact Debbie .  

* Deluxe Wall Tent, 14' x 20' w/porch, aluminum frame, 2 windows, inc. wood stove. Used once, asking $1650.00. Located in Abbotsford, B.C.  Please contact Allen at (604) 850-2709 or .sold

* Woods wall tent 10' x 12' x 3', stove jack right front sidewall, new condition.  Located in Kamloops, call Brian (250) 828-1917, sold

* 10' x 10' Deluxe wall tent with porch, 3' wide front door with mesh, back window, floor and woodstove.  Excellent condition, always tarped.   Asking $1300.00 firm. Pic  Please contact Ann at (705) 790-7862 or .sold

* 10' x 12' Deluxe wall tent w/7' porch frame extension, covered w/ 16' x 20' heavy duty tarp. Barrel woodstove and stovepipe inc., excellent shape.  Please call (250) 703-0814 or . asking $1400.00 sold

* Deluxe Wall Tent 14. x 17.5. x 5 with 5' porch and aluminum frame. Call 361 494 9238 sold

* Used 14 x 16 x 4 canvas tent with attached integral 10 foot veranda frame.  Very solid inside steel pole sectional frame.  Zippered door... window at rear.  Stovepipe hole in top front.  Includes heavy duty tarps, tarp floor and zippered waterproof carrying bag.  Located in Comox, B.C.  $1200. Please contact sold

* 12' x 14' compo tent for sale. Brand new. Bought it to use in the Yukon but found other accommodation. Desert sand camouflage pattern. $1200.00 all in. Open floor. 5' walls 8' ridge. 8 oz. canvas. Military tough. Picture here. (250) 380-2762 sold

* Deluxe Wall Tent 14' x 16' x 5' x 9', 4 truss frame, single zipper front door, stove hole in back wall, used only once, new condition.  Please call (306) 867-9818 or email .sold

* Montana Tent, excellent condition, 18' x 23' x 5' w/10' 3" peak, wt. 140 lbs., 10 oz. fire resistant, water and mildew repellant roof and walls, bought in 2010, used 2 seasons, stove jack in roof, front and rear doors w/storm flap and buckles, 12" vinyl sod cloth. Asking $1398.00, call Pat (403) 203-2441 in Calgary or email Click here for picture.sold

* 14' x 16' x 5' Deluxe wall tent, 4 truss frame, porch frame, full cover tarp and Kwik Kamp stove. Bought 2006, used once. Located in Grande Cache, AB. $1800.00 call Bob (780) 827-1521 or sold

* I have two wall tents 14 x 16 with screen windows and door and chimney opening in the rear wall. They are both in good condition with just a few small holes or repairs. They are inside frame, but no frame with them. My late husband used them in his geological business. I think $900 for each is a fair price. I also have a 12 x 14 storage tent --ok condition --needs some repair. Again no frame. I think $250 is fair. I am in Thunder Bay. Martha Spence. 807-475-5750 or . sold

* 14' x 16' x 5' Deluxe wall tent, 3 windows w. flaps inside and out porch and stove ring. bought in 2003 , tent has suffered from mildew damage but is still functional, custom wooden frame has worked very well and is in good shape. $ 1000.00 O.B.O. Contact Mark Wallace @ or 250 653 9518. Pictures available. sold

* 12' x 14' Deluxe wall tent, new, never used with two doors, windows and stove jacks.  Includes items as follows which were only used once, tent frame, porch and porch frame. Asking $1500.00. Contact Doug at , Coquitlam, B.C. sold

* 12' x 14' Deluxe wall tent, like new, set up only once.  Internal 4 truss frame, porch frame, two windows with plastic covers for winter, Outfitter Cylinder stove with stovepipe and warming tray. I paid $2600.00 new, asking $2200.00. There are also lots of extras that I will include. This is a top of the line tent. Wayne Cleaver, Fort McLeod, AB (403) 553-4683 sold

* 10' x 12' x 5' wall tent, 3 truss frame, no windows, stove jack front left by door, includes stove and pipe and heavy duty tarp. Excellent condition, only used 3 times. Located in Vancouver, pick up only.  $1400.00 firm. sold

* 14' x 20' Deluxe wall tent with porch, 3 windows with velcro flaps, 5 truss frame, heavy duty tarp and separate floor.  Tent has sidewall stove vent and is mint condition with no holes from sparks.  Located near Barrhead AB.  Call (780) 674-7929 or email . Asking $2400.00 sold

* Brand new custom built 16' x 20 wall tent, separate insulated liner and 5 truss frame. Tent has 2 windows, a stove jack in the back left roof and a heavy duty vinyl velcro in floor. The tent can be used with or without the liner. Located in Edmonton, AB. $4250.00, local pick up or shipping extra.  Please call Emma at (780) 757-9777 or sold

* 12' x 16' canvas tent with heavy canvas bag, some holes where pipe comes out of the roof and stains from moisture, $400.00.  Woodsman stove with pipe and cap, $175.00. Located east of Athabasca, AB.  Please call Justin (780) 893-9018 sold

* 14' x 16' Deluxe wall tent with detachable porch, 2 windows, front and back door, sidewall stove jack, 4 truss frame plus porch frame, heavy duty green tarp.  Comes with 2 large roll a cots and 2 regular roll a cots. Used 3 times, like new condition.  Located in Sooke, B.C.  Call (778) 678-0865 or email . Asking $2100.00 sold

* 10' x 12' Deluxe wall tent, internal frame, inc. porch w/frame, sod cloth, tarp, fully rigged, NEVER USED.  Set up once in my backyard.  $1500.00  Call Tim (250) 996-7053 or (250) 996-3714 or sold

* 12' x 14' custom Deluxe wall tent with screened in 6' porch. Includes 4 windows, 2 on left sidewall, 1 in back wall and 1 on right sidewall, each with a flap on outside and inside, three stove jack positions, left front roof, left sidewall centered and left back wall. Double zipper canvas and mesh front door and single zipper back door. The porch can be attached either front or back. Used only 3 times.  New value $2500, selling for $2000.  Pics 1 2 3  Please call (250) 896-4596 or email sold

* 14' x 20' Deluxe wall tent w/5 truss frame aluminum frame, 2 windows and 2 chimney jacks. $1500.00 plus shipping sold

* 12' x 14' Deluxe model wall tent with a porch, Outfitter stove, stovepipe kit, water tank, warming tray and a floor. $1500 OBO. There are a few tears along the sod cloth on one side which is repairable. Carpet included. Pictures available. Contact .sold

* Expedition heater with accessories asking $650.00. Please contact Nick (250) 204-8885 or sold

* Quality Deluxe Wall Tent - (Located in Toronto Ontario will ship across Canada) 12' x 14' x 5' wall x 8.5 peak with 4-Truss Aluminium Frame.  Stove ring in right front wall, 2 screened windows with flaps and ties in left and right wall for cross breeze circulation.  Dual zippered screen door and  canvas flap door with ties for both.  Minor wear as well as discolouration on roof from dust and dirt from one season being not covered. Inside has no discolouration in excellent condition. Bought new for 1800.00 plus taxes and shipping (approx 2200.00 total) Selling in very good condition:  $1600.00 OBO + Shipping.  Will arrange shipping on your behalf. Possible personal delivery arrangements could be negotiated separately to parts of Ontario and Quebec. Pictures available. Please call or text Steve at 647-226-7065 or email sold

* 14' x 16' x 5' wall tent w/4 truss frame, woodstove and pipes, full fly and stove hole left of the front door. This is not lightweight canvas, heavy duty canvas walls and roof.  Made by Edmonton Tent & Awning.  Zipper front door and rear window.  Tent is in excellent shape.  Comes with a canvas bag for storage and transportation.  Please contact Kevin at (780) 404-3304 after 5:00 PM or email .  Asking $2200.00 OBO.sold

* 12' x 14' x 5' wall tent with rear window.  Comes with poles, fly and stove. Great shape, asking $1350.00. Jon (519) 803-0786 Guelph, ON sold

* 14' x 16' Deluxe wall tent with porch and extra 5' frame beyond porch. Double zipper front door with mesh door, stove jack in the front left sidewall. Tarp has some repaired wind damage. Used for 5 hunting seasons and is in excellent condition, always stored dry. Wood stove with water jacket and warming tray also available. Purchased from Cabelas are cots, pads, cot chairs, propane heater and a double bunk cot. Tent and accessories purchased for $3000.00 and assorted camping gear total cost $1800.00. Located in the Fraser Valley, B.C. Call Cam Witt at (604) 316-0840 or email sold

* 12' x 14' wall tent w/4 truss frame, porch and porch frame.  Set up only twice for summer camping and is in excellent condition. Paid $1750.00, asking 1400.00.  Please call (250) 709-1226 or sold

* 10' x 12' Deluxe wall tent Standard model and frame for sale $1000.00.  Located in Yellowknife, NT.  Will split shipping anywhere in Canada.  Please email or call (867) 446-4247.sold

* 12' x 20' Cabelas Alaknak Tent with 7' vestibule and a new stovepipe sleeve. Also 1 Cabelas cot with gunsleeve and clothes rack, 1 goose down sleeping bag. Tent used 7 times, no burn holes, 8 1/2 out of 10 for shape. All pieces in $2000.00. sold

* 14' x 20' x 5' Deluxe model wall tent, 5 truss frame, porch and frame. Comes with heavy duty tarp, stovepipe support and drying rack. Also has a light airtight woodstove. Used for three hunts and is in mint condition.  Always tarped and never wet. Asking $2400.00. Located on Vancouver Island. Please contact sold

* Two 14' x 20' x 5' Outfittter wall tents w/2 windows and stove outlet.  Frame and porch included.  One in mint condition and the other has some water marks.  Used only 3 times and have been stored inside.$1500.00 ea. + shipping.  Please contact Greg Lowry (204) 768-3631 0r sold

* 12' x 14' wall tent w/4 truss frame, porch and porch frame.  Rarely used/excellent condition.  Windows and fire tube opening.  Located on Vancouver Island.  Asking $1500.00.  Please call (250) 797-1658 or sold

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